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Our Mission

To deliver an exceptional experience to the customers by offering qualitative service, value, and the best available products at competitive price.

Our Vision

Offer comprehensive, single stop shop serving all the verticals in chandling services and thereby, taking the organisation brand to premier status.

Created to support
Shipping industry.

+971 4 397 3 397


We have a wide range of products in our store that suits clients immediate requirements. We have a quick turn around due to readily available stocks. Here is a gist of general items that we usually store, but not limited to:

  • Various types of valves, flanges, couplings, Hoses, Rust Preventives, and so on.
  • Many items like Ropes and chains , Shackles and sockets, Safety shoes and safety Jackets. Fire hoses, Helmets and so on.
  • Container lashing and securing items like twist locks, corner hooks and eyes and many gears needed for cellular ships.
  • Elbows, Sockets, Bushes, Plugs and so on. Tools like wrenches, hammers, Rope cutters, Drilling bits, Paint brushes, rollers, paints, mat, sheets and cleaning items.
  • Lights and lamps, batteries, switches, cables and plugs, other various marine electrical.
  • Medicines and all types of medical equipment and kits.
  • Wide range of stationary items including envelops, calculators and so on.
  • Charts and publication.